The Extraordinary Bee


The bee is still an extraordinary creature that greatly benefits our environment. The planet would not be so grand if the bee were not in it. They have been around for nearly 125 million years. The extraordinary bee has proven to be a tremendous resource to the entire planet. They do this in a number of great ways. Every individual could actually thank a bee and show their appreciation for their contributions to the environment.

The Bee and Agriculture

The extraordinary bee does indeed greatly contribute to society by the service that they offer and provide in the agriculture area. This should come as no surprise because the bee is truly amazing and needed. The bee is one hardworking insect. They are also very social. The have the ability to produce six hive items. The products that they produce are used by individuals globally. These include:

  • venom
  • beeswax
  • royal jelly
  • honey
  • pollen
  • propolis

The products that these bees produce are used for a variety of items. They are used for therapeutic and nutritional13938203714_eb9432134a_k purposes. The honey bee went above and beyond in 2013. They produced 149 million pounds of honey. It should be known that the extraordinary bee offers much more that honey. The beeswax that is produced can be viewed as the second most significant and vital item. Beeswax is used in numerous industries. The artist will actually use beeswax for various reasons. It is also not uncommon for beeswax to be used in cosmetics. The pharmaceutical industry relies on beeswax too. It should be known that bee pollination may account for approximately 15 billion dollars added to the crop value. The bees make much money for the agriculture world. It is safe to state that the bees are definitely needed and ought to have our appreciation and gratitude.

Dining with a Bee

The bee does work hard and must take a break in order to replenish their nutrients. What is it like to dine with a bee? It would mean that a vegetarian meal would be served. The bee has the pollen and the nectar from flowering plants as their entrée. The pollen will ensure that the bee receives vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. The young bee must have the protein from the pollen for their development. If you are contemplating dining with a bee, you can plan on enjoying Nectar from the flowers. You can also look into bee pollen pills. These pills offer so many health benefits, to get your own bee products, you can go to CC Pollen Co.